jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Veron showing his anger at the change of Carrillo.

Verón did not hesitate to question the decision to pull Pellegrino Carrillo, when students already led 2-1 at Lanus and had to hold the result. View player's reaction.

If something can not hide Verón are your moods. Against All Boys, challenged his colleagues at the end of the first half, which came to them well as the team won in the second half. Now the recriminations victim was none other than Mauricio Pellegrino. After 23 minutes, with the team winning 2-1, the output DT decided Carrillo, author of two goals and income Roman Martinez. Upon this the captain of Estudiantes idol and was upset and questioned the determination with a gesture of "What are you doing?".

Veron had a good game against Lanús, in fact, the first goal of Carrillo came from a pin point cross from the wheel. A while later it becomes almost a dismissive take on Diego Gonzalez kick the referee spared yellowfin and just pulled the card.

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