martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

Putin: "there is no need for the use of Russian troops in

Currently there is no reason for the use of military of Russia in Ukraine, although there is that possibility, said Tuesday the Russian President Vladímir Putin.

"Only an extreme case may serve as a reason to use the Navy force of Russia: If the inhabitants of the regions of Eastern Ukraine officially requested our protection, it will be legitimate to resort to all means at our disposal." We have a formal request for the legitimate President of Ukraine. [...] We don't want to impose anything, but certainly not we stay unemployed if we see that they begin to pursue, eliminate, subject to mistreatment of the Russian population. We wouldn't want to get in any way to this", said the President. "At any time we will be at war with the Ukrainian people. If we take the decision to introduce the troops, will be only for the purpose of protection,"he said and ruled that victims can occur among the civilian population.

The Russian head of State also emphasized that the annexation of the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea, most Russian area, Russia is not contemplated. He stressed that atpthe moment the only thing that has made Moscow has been reinforcing its military facilities on Ukrainian territory to protect them from potential risks due to increasing threats that were receiving. "We have seen that guerrilla terrorist organizations were concentrating near

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