jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Veron showing his anger at the change of Carrillo.

Verón did not hesitate to question the decision to pull Pellegrino Carrillo, when students already led 2-1 at Lanus and had to hold the result. View player's reaction.

If something can not hide Verón are your moods. Against All Boys, challenged his colleagues at the end of the first half, which came to them well as the team won in the second half. Now the recriminations victim was none other than Mauricio Pellegrino. After 23 minutes, with the team winning 2-1, the output DT decided Carrillo, author of two goals and income Roman Martinez. Upon this the captain of Estudiantes idol and was upset and questioned the determination with a gesture of "What are you doing?".

Veron had a good game against Lanús, in fact, the first goal of Carrillo came from a pin point cross from the wheel. A while later it becomes almost a dismissive take on Diego Gonzalez kick the referee spared yellowfin and just pulled the card.

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Why Facebook needs to buy WhatsApp

Many already refer to the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook as the operation of the year in the technology market. Not for less. The Facebook movement is not only huge level figures, but puts a preventive vaccine to one of the future issues that concerned Zuckerberg: flight traffic and users.

For its meteoric growth

The figure of 19,000 million dollars paid exorbitant Facebook is look where you look. No less than 19 times what Facebook paid at the time by Instagram.

Was it worth buying Instagram? According to a report published in January this year by GlobalWebIndex, social network Photographic grew 23% last quarter. That's more than what they accomplished Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest boards in the same period, so yes. Logically Zuckerberg is very happy with this purchase.

If we talk about growth, WhatsApp is a rocket. The graph made public by Facebook itself says it all. The messaging application users reached 419 million in its first four years. Only nine months ago, the application was only 200 million users. Its growth rate is 73% in a sector, telecommunications, where the average is around 10 or 20%, and where you can be considered a case of huge success if you reach 50% growth.

Do not forget either that Whatsapp has achieved this by charging for the application in a market saturated with advertising other programs, without investing a penny on marketing. All its growth has been viral.

Being a "new" social network

Currently, WhatsApp has about 450 million active users. That's almost half of Facebook users, and more than twice as Twitter users (215 million), but the important thing is not what you have, but what you can achieve. WhatsApp is used especially in the U.S., where it has much room for growth. Also, breaks records outside the United States. In Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain or Mexico, WhatsApp consumes a quarter of the total time spent with mobile. It is the "new" social network.

Latin America is a market with huge potential for WhatsApp, especially now that the decline of Blackberry has driven millions of users to adopt WhatsApp on your new Android handsets.

But WhatsApp is not only the exponent of a growing market. It is the prime example of a trend of major concern within Facebook: the leap to new generations of mobile messaging as a substitute for traditional social networks. The age of Facebook users upload, and many teens do not want to be in the same chat room where their parents are.

The figures in this leak users still were not significant, but if sufficiently alarming that Facebook tried to buy Snapchat by 3.000 million in November 2013. Those responsible for this popular application among younger rejected the offer, so I decided to let Zuckerberg nonsense and go for the jackpot: WhatsApp. The bet has left her face, but it was that or keep leaving chips on the table until it might be too late.

The Next Facebook Messenger?

Both Facebook and WhatsApp have been quick to make clear that both platforms will be kept separate. The CEO of Whatsapp has also ensured that its application will remain ad-free. It is hard to believe that Zuckerberg and Koum keep that promise, but surely they do in the short and medium term. At the end of the day Facebook has taken one and a half to announce Advertise on Instagram, and even today is inserting very cautiously to avoid arousing the ire of the user.

If we had to bet, I would do so against an eventual merger into Facebook Whatsapp Messenger. The first reason is that the messaging platform WhatsApp does not get to the shoes height in popularity. The second reason is that there are no precedents. Instagram Instagram remains when he could have integrated into the imaging platform of Facebook. The social network even seems to show signs of wanting to break up with your own kernel Paper presentation, your newsreader with integrated social updates.

WhatsApp comes to join this collection of applications with a single common goal: to keep traffic and users within the same giant theme park without it very clear to them. People are suspicious of large corporations, and so the growth path of commitment to a decentralized Facebook image. And if that means separating the social network applications different name and appearance for everyone, so be it.

Because privacy is not an obstacle

Assuming that the institutions responsible for such operations between large companies do not object to the purchase, the union Facebook - WhatsApp only guess was an obstacle, and is not a very serious: privacy.

The battle for who and how to access our information on Facebook has been a constant pain in the head to Facebook. Now that the social network is done with WhatsApp, concern for who knows our phone number or access our conversations adds to the old demons of Facebook. WhatsApp also has very good reputation in this regard.

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The Syrian dictator supported Maduro

The Syrian dictator supported Maduro "faces a brutal attack"

Bashar Al Assad sent a telegram in which he defends the government's Caracas since the crackdown on opposition protesters began. "It's an attempt to create chaos," says Damascus

Syrian President Bashar Assad, today expressed solidarity with the Venezuelan people and his counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, for "the brutal attack they face." Maduro also supported the oppressive regime in Damascus

In a telegram, whose content was released by the agency Sana official news, Al Assad backed the management Maduro ahead of Venezuela and claimed that both this country like Syria face "an attempt to create chaos, to extend the influence from foreign domination and exploit its riches. "

Al Assad Maduro wished success in the job "at this critical stage" for which she spends the whole world and expressed confidence that the will of the Syrian and Venezuelan people to decide their fate will triumph and the future of their countries.

Venezuela, one of the main allies in Latin Assad regime, lives a climate of tension after days of student and popular protests against the government of mature, accumulating at least four dead, dozens injured and hundreds arrested, among including opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

Venezuelan authorities accuse of such events to the U.S. and the leader of People's Will, who was remanded to prison for four counts and could face up to 10 years in prison.

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miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Luis Suarez has doubled

An Arab is identical to the Liverpool striker and many confuse it with the Uruguayan footballer. View the video.

Luis Suarez has doubled which is often confused with the player in the video looks to clone the concentration of "reds" with the shirt of the team, with players and fans.

The double front, in a press statement confessed that confuse the street and he says "I am not Luis Suarez, do not touch me."

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=xbZZK6jZTYg

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Israel, Iran and Palestine join in scientific project

Sesame project, in which scientists from Israel, Iran and Palestine together construct the first synchrotron in the Middle East, science ahead of politics.

Eiliezer Rabinovici, Professor of High Energy Physics of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said: "We have proposed something that is like a tale from the Arabian Nights." Sesame Rabinovici speaking, one of the boldest experiments physical planet. "We built a kind of parallel universe. Even though our countries are partially faced, we, the researchers want to build the first particle accelerator in the Middle East. "

Sesame is a synchrotron, a kind of giant X-ray machine but much more powerful than the machines used in medicine. There are over forty synchrotrons operation worldwide. Rabinovici is VP of Sesame Project. The independent research that builds the accelerator and must manage it operates under the umbrella of UNESCO. Money and researchers come mainly from official member countries. Along with Israel are present, among others, Turkey, Cyprus, Pakistan, Egypt ... and Iran.

Sounds unbelievable, but true: Israel and Iran physicists collaboratively build particle accelerator. Also the start of the experiment almost seems a story: Once upon a time, in 1995, when researchers from Israel and Palestine met in a Bedouin tent in Egypt and began to plan a synchrotron in the Middle East. A few weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, was assassinated. "We started to commemorate him together with a minute of silence," says Rabinovici. "I still echoes in the ears."

Support Sesame important names, including Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith, physicist and former director general of CERN in Geneva, mirror in which researchers look at the Middle East. "In any case, CERN was founded after the war, which made things easier," says Rabinovici.

Physical borderless work feverishly to operationalize the synchrotron next year, but the final sprint is an obstacle. Over fifty delegates speak at hotel on gigaelectrovoltios and millions fail. They have invested in the installation of over 36 million euros, and it would take almost six. The operation of the center will have a less than 4.5 million cost.

Sesame reminds a little of the West-East Divan Orchestra Daniel Barenboim, composed of Palestinian and Israeli musicians. "Barenboim, by comparison, has it easy," says Rabinovici. "He unites two cultures us a dozen."

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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

There will be two versions of the Galaxy S5

As many expected, it seems that Samsung is preparing not one but two versions of the Galaxy S5 to give out during the Unpacked event held on February 24 under the MWC 2014. New information indicates that there are two sets of specifications for each phone and will be used by one of its variants. While both sets siturían the Galaxy S5 in the high-end sector, there is one that is considerably better than the other and could be considered for the "premium" version. datosreales.com

AnTuTu data indicate that the SM-G900R4 model is the premium and have a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, will be a Snapdragon processor 800 at 2.5GHz, 3GB of available RAM, 32GB memory, 16 megapixel camera, front 2 megapixel and will run on Android 4.4.2. The second model, known as SM-G900H, makes use of a screen with Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, has an octa-core Exynos processor at 1.5GHz, the RAM reaches 2GB internal memory available is 16GB while cameras and operating system are the same as in the other version.

Recall that the Galaxy S4 is available in two versions, although in the case of this phone every model is intended only for certain regions and internal specifications are not so different. Hopefully this will not happen with the Galaxy S5, ie Samsung will be offering both versions in the same markets, so the company would be following in the footsteps of Apple, because Apple does this with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C .

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The new woman of Justin Bieber

Who is the new conquest of Justin Bieber?

Katherine Gazda, a young artist, he is identified as the current girlfriend of the Canadian interpreter

Despite their problems with the law, Justin Bieber found a new love. According to the Daily Mirror website, the singer is dating Katherine Gazda, an American singer 18. Late last year, they met through a mutual friend, rapper Blake Kelly.

Sources close to the couple said they both are serious about the relationship and even discussed the possibility of having children. But this story has some ups and downs due to recent scandals that Justin was involved.

l On 23 January, he was arrested for driving under the effects of drugs and alcohol in Miami. After being arrested when he ran chopped with a friend in a yellow Lamborghini and a red Ferrari, the Canadian singer admitted having used marijuana, pills and alcohol.

Also in Toronto it imputed for assaulting a driver who had offered his services on 29 December. The pop star will appear before the court on March 10 to respond to the allegation

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jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

The guy looking for shipwrecks

Today in Punta del Este, Juan Antonio Varese gives a talk on water accidents in the Uruguayan coast

Between the mouth of the creek Chuy Solís Grande and extending some 400 kilometers of coastline. Under constant mantle waves, under thousands of tons sand and memories, many ships they found there the end of his path lurk liquid.

You travel through time, though still in space, these boats waited patiently for someone to care for them, at least in the pages of a book. An image that hit the naive eyes determined destination.

Twenty years ago it was published for the first time Shipwrecks off the coast of Rocha, research where Juan Antonio Varese was reviewing a rich history of accidents in the Uruguayan Atlantic Ocean from the colonial era to the twentieth century.

Today the League of Public Works, after 20 hours under the Thirteenth Week of the Sea, Varese will speak on shipwrecks off the coast of Rocha and Maldonado.

On occasion one classic, through the Editorial Aguilar anniversary edition of that book will be presented. "Between the Publisher and I resolved to make a final version," says Varese to The Observer.

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Samsung unveil its new Galaxy S5 in Barcelona

On the net there are all kinds of rumors about the features of your new firm, the market leader in smartphones.

Samsung presented its new flagship model in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February, analysts agreed today after distribution by the company invites an act within the framework of the fair.

The invitations to the February 24 "Unpacked 5" (https://twitter.com/SamsungMobile/status/430491945421385729), what the technology blogs immediately interpreted as an indication that it is the new model Galaxy S5 are titled. Samsung itself did not comment.

On the net there are all kinds of rumors about the features of your new firm, the market leader in smartphones. It is believed that Samsung will release two versions that differ in terms of processor performance, screen resolution and built-in memory, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI, the blog "AppleInsider" he said.

It is considered certain that the Galaxy S5 will have a faster processor and better screen resolution. But the blog estimated that the chip is 32 bits instead of 64 the iPhone 5S.

The issue is expected, however, the rumor that Samsung will add some type of biometric security system as it has its main rival, Apple. In September, the company included in the iPhone 5s fingerprint reader.

In November, Samsung recorded in the United States a patent for iris scanner writes the tech blog "Digits". According to this source, it is possible that the new model bearing the embedded technology.

However, the analyst Kuo believes that is unlikely, because he considers it too early. In January, the head of Samsung Mobile, Lee Young Hee, had said the company is "considering integration" of such a function. Therefore, Kuo believes it is more likely that incorporates Samsung, like Apple, a sensor fingerprint Validity Sensors partner.

The newest model of the company so far, the Galaxy S4, was introduced in March 2013 in New York, so it's time to reach a new generation. The iPhone 6 is not expected to change until at least mid-year and rumors suggest it will have a considerably larger than the current screen.

The Mobile World Congress, held from 24 to 27 February, is one of the main events in the world of telecommunications

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Bet Basketball: Bilbao will host USA in the World 201

On Monday 3rd February, the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona hosted the draw for the group stage of the World Basketball Championship, to be held between August 30 and September 4 this year in Spain. The main betting favorite, as usual in recent years, is the choice of the United States, also known as the Dream Team. The team led by Kevin Durant aims to defend the title won four years ago in the world of Turkey.

The first phase of the world is divided into four groups, each consisting of six teams. Group A, consisting of Spain, Serbia, France, Brazil, Egypt and Iran will be held in Granada. Group B, in which the Philippines, Senegal, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Greece and Croatia are integrated, will be played in Seville, and group D, which are the teams of Slovenia, Lithuania, Angola, Korea, Mexico and Australia, takes place in Gran Canary. But the "fat" in terms of quality and capacity to generate money, has fallen in Bilbao, where the United States, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Finland, New Zealand and Ukraine participate. Games are held at the BEC at 21:00 pm, and a massive turnout by the public is expected, all eager to see the NBA stars in action.

During the next few weeks will bring home Sportium betting odds winner 2014 World Basketball Championship, as well as quotas on the number of points, and handicap winner of each of the parties. Meanwhile, if you wish, you will be able to bet on the NBA, the Euroleague or the Liga Endesa leveraging the 'Welcome Bonus' up to 100 € on page Sportium.es

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miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Riquelme returned to training and re- differentiated at 2 °

Riquelme returned to training differentiated, seeking to leave behind the discomfort in his right calf. The idea of ten, which did work in the gym, as is to be started against Belgrano in the second date. Bianchi eagerly awaits.

It is the man who can make a difference in the field. Is that being in optimal conditions, can give you quality that leap Boca, reuniting with Fernando Gago and company. It's Juan Roman Riquelme, neither more nor less. Ten continues its tuning, rehabbing a muscle strain in his right calf (and left behind the famous tear) to be available to Carlos Bianchi. The idea is to start doing some tricks from the second round against Belgrano, local in La Bombonera.

To be safe, or suffer a possible relapse, Riquelme will not be at Newell's debut in Rosario in the Final. You will use these remaining days to catch up finish. And Wednesday was no exception. Is the hitch tasks performed in the gym, trying to reach its best. Crucial to have a semester without complications.

Thus, after a burst of 2014 adverse outcomes by summer, Boca Román wait with open arms only to right the ship and fight well above.

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