jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

The Syrian dictator supported Maduro

The Syrian dictator supported Maduro "faces a brutal attack"

Bashar Al Assad sent a telegram in which he defends the government's Caracas since the crackdown on opposition protesters began. "It's an attempt to create chaos," says Damascus

Syrian President Bashar Assad, today expressed solidarity with the Venezuelan people and his counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, for "the brutal attack they face." Maduro also supported the oppressive regime in Damascus

In a telegram, whose content was released by the agency Sana official news, Al Assad backed the management Maduro ahead of Venezuela and claimed that both this country like Syria face "an attempt to create chaos, to extend the influence from foreign domination and exploit its riches. "

Al Assad Maduro wished success in the job "at this critical stage" for which she spends the whole world and expressed confidence that the will of the Syrian and Venezuelan people to decide their fate will triumph and the future of their countries.

Venezuela, one of the main allies in Latin Assad regime, lives a climate of tension after days of student and popular protests against the government of mature, accumulating at least four dead, dozens injured and hundreds arrested, among including opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

Venezuelan authorities accuse of such events to the U.S. and the leader of People's Will, who was remanded to prison for four counts and could face up to 10 years in prison.

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