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Samsung unveil its new Galaxy S5 in Barcelona

On the net there are all kinds of rumors about the features of your new firm, the market leader in smartphones.

Samsung presented its new flagship model in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February, analysts agreed today after distribution by the company invites an act within the framework of the fair.

The invitations to the February 24 "Unpacked 5" (https://twitter.com/SamsungMobile/status/430491945421385729), what the technology blogs immediately interpreted as an indication that it is the new model Galaxy S5 are titled. Samsung itself did not comment.

On the net there are all kinds of rumors about the features of your new firm, the market leader in smartphones. It is believed that Samsung will release two versions that differ in terms of processor performance, screen resolution and built-in memory, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI, the blog "AppleInsider" he said.

It is considered certain that the Galaxy S5 will have a faster processor and better screen resolution. But the blog estimated that the chip is 32 bits instead of 64 the iPhone 5S.

The issue is expected, however, the rumor that Samsung will add some type of biometric security system as it has its main rival, Apple. In September, the company included in the iPhone 5s fingerprint reader.

In November, Samsung recorded in the United States a patent for iris scanner writes the tech blog "Digits". According to this source, it is possible that the new model bearing the embedded technology.

However, the analyst Kuo believes that is unlikely, because he considers it too early. In January, the head of Samsung Mobile, Lee Young Hee, had said the company is "considering integration" of such a function. Therefore, Kuo believes it is more likely that incorporates Samsung, like Apple, a sensor fingerprint Validity Sensors partner.

The newest model of the company so far, the Galaxy S4, was introduced in March 2013 in New York, so it's time to reach a new generation. The iPhone 6 is not expected to change until at least mid-year and rumors suggest it will have a considerably larger than the current screen.

The Mobile World Congress, held from 24 to 27 February, is one of the main events in the world of telecommunications

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