jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

The guy looking for shipwrecks

Today in Punta del Este, Juan Antonio Varese gives a talk on water accidents in the Uruguayan coast

Between the mouth of the creek Chuy Solís Grande and extending some 400 kilometers of coastline. Under constant mantle waves, under thousands of tons sand and memories, many ships they found there the end of his path lurk liquid.

You travel through time, though still in space, these boats waited patiently for someone to care for them, at least in the pages of a book. An image that hit the naive eyes determined destination.

Twenty years ago it was published for the first time Shipwrecks off the coast of Rocha, research where Juan Antonio Varese was reviewing a rich history of accidents in the Uruguayan Atlantic Ocean from the colonial era to the twentieth century.

Today the League of Public Works, after 20 hours under the Thirteenth Week of the Sea, Varese will speak on shipwrecks off the coast of Rocha and Maldonado.

On occasion one classic, through the Editorial Aguilar anniversary edition of that book will be presented. "Between the Publisher and I resolved to make a final version," says Varese to The Observer.

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