martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

The new woman of Justin Bieber

Who is the new conquest of Justin Bieber?

Katherine Gazda, a young artist, he is identified as the current girlfriend of the Canadian interpreter

Despite their problems with the law, Justin Bieber found a new love. According to the Daily Mirror website, the singer is dating Katherine Gazda, an American singer 18. Late last year, they met through a mutual friend, rapper Blake Kelly.

Sources close to the couple said they both are serious about the relationship and even discussed the possibility of having children. But this story has some ups and downs due to recent scandals that Justin was involved.

l On 23 January, he was arrested for driving under the effects of drugs and alcohol in Miami. After being arrested when he ran chopped with a friend in a yellow Lamborghini and a red Ferrari, the Canadian singer admitted having used marijuana, pills and alcohol.

Also in Toronto it imputed for assaulting a driver who had offered his services on 29 December. The pop star will appear before the court on March 10 to respond to the allegation

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